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On October 3, 1968 “date chosen by the SENA and the British Embassy,” was born Pilot Casting Center, now known as Comprehensive Maintenance Industrial Center. That was 40 years ago.
It’s funny, but this is not easy to find any record, there is hardly a mention in the record 270 of June 10, 1970, SENA Sectional Council, which warns that were present at the ceremony was Minister of Overseas England and Colombian government officials.
The track is lost after the September 25, 1968, when after inspecting the work, Rodolfo Martinez Tono, national director, declared that the opening would be on 3 October 1969 or January, with the presence of President Carlos Lleras Restrepo. The option was the first.
The Regional Santander Sena, or what was mentioned as a regional Bucaramanga and was 10 years old, was born on March 11, 1958 and this was perhaps his first great challenge.
It had been almost four years since Mr. Norman E. Langdale, head of the technical mission of England, a professional mechanical engineer and metal came to Bucaramanga to present the initiative of a school of casting, with an area of 2,700 meters, 15 workshops, classrooms, administration offices, cafeteria, social services and second effort in a sports area and a pool. The workshop separate classrooms to avoid the noise, as seen today.
“Bucaramanga requires a cast center, due to the state it is the metal industry, trying to move from light industry to heavy industry. Once the center is operating, there will be a great achievement for Bucaramanga. (166 minutes January 20, 1965 Regional Council SENA).
For this required the participation of the Division of Engineering and Architecture of the National and the entire team of professionals to design the award and of course the achievement of the land suitable for this work, in which effort was the national director and and was recognized: “The Council Sectional SENA Santander, places on record its appreciation for the magnificent reception given at the National Directorate of SENA, a pilot project for the sectional cast of Santander and is grateful to Dr . Rodolfo Martinez effective management tone that was good enough to advance to obtain the help of the government of England …. ” (166 minutes January 20, 1965 Sectional Council SENA).
The first land visited to erect the building were located near Trefilco Pigs and adjacent to the defunct company Funimag (today work-Transaxle Dana), but the purchase of land had to be done under the supervision of the National Directorate for which arrived in Bucaramanga Cediel engineers and Robertulio Heberto Gonzalez. The money needed to purchase was $ 1,500,000, would be sought by way of loan to the Bolivar Insurance Company “for the purchase of the lot to the Pilot Center of Foundry and to meet the initial costs of building and the same …” . (Act 172 of March 31, 1965).
None of the farms classified. On 12 May 1965 approved the purchase of one million pesos, a lot located “near the intersection of Highway Bucaramanga, Girón, with the road under construction Café Madrid-Floridablanca at a rate of $ 10 per square meter and a room approximately 10 acres, as proposed by Bernabé Angulo Prada and Evil.
After approval of the national delegates, the appraisal of the Institute Agustín Codazzi and the technical concept of the Comptroller General of the Republic, agreed to the delivery of deposit to vendors totaling $ 250,000 and gave powers to the director Sectional to advance relevant documents.
In June of that year Mr. Langdale returns to Bucaramanga to take charge of the project and in September received a visit from Secretary of the Ministry of Development English and the first secretary of the British Embassy, who bring the purpose of providing the name of his government the necessary equipment for the Center Foundry.
It is inevitable then hiring a mechanical engineer and a designer preferably as assistants Mr Langdale. Mario J. Peñas, then a recent graduate of the Universidad Industrial de Santander, who later became the first director of the Pilot Center Foundry, was hired for the job
The process was launched and in May 1966 and there were initial architectural plans, has since suggested channeling the stream of the Church. By October 1966 he was awarded the contract for studies and the structural calculations, Pedro García Arenas assigned a value of $ 6,930. Similarly needed hydraulic studies that would allow channeling of rain water, channeling of streams and sanitary facilities, which were assigned to Jorge Alberto Chacon, valued at $ 12,805 and performed by Jorge Chavez at a cost of $ 237,000
Everything was going so fast, so much that they even proposed the first floor staff, composed basically of a center director, a molding and casting instructor and a pattern shop, as well as a mecanotaquígrafa and a watchman.
Made the necessary processes, topographic maps known to the nod for the National Directorate of SENA is the adjudication process, being handed the work for construction firm Villalba Martinez & Co., whose proposal was the best fit to Final averages and announcing the arrival of a consignment from Inglatera machinery and equipment supplied. (Act 218, May 16, 1967).
Everything was ready … better, almost ready, all we needed was a bridge that would bypass the gorge of the Church, which until then with their large, limited any learning activity. For the construction of the bridge the town of Giron is declared without resources, which the Head of Valuation Departmental Santander offers to SENA alliance with foundry Funimaq to take forward the initiative, which had an estimated cost of $ 105,000, of SENA which would provide $ 35,000 (record 225, November 29, 1967).
Come sing the recruitment of the grid with the signing Gomez and Arango for $ 216.805.47 and the paving of the access awarded to Mr. Antonio Niño worth $ 26.83 per square meter, for a total $ 100,000 and one year warranty.
Thus, after this process, many comings and bickering, the effort and the management of many leading Santander, on October 3, 1968 created the National School of Foundry, now known as the Comprehensive Maintenance Industrial Center. That was 40 years ago …

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