Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

Maintenance Industrial Center in France

The final decision of the evaluators of the SENA and ENIM (Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Metz), on the 24 trainees who will go to France as part of the privileged to participate in the internship ENIM nationally, resulted in a 5 elected from the Regional Santander, including two apprentices of SENA Pigs.

To achieve this important goal and Ricardo Andrés Pabón Castro Durán Sepúlveda Andrés Sotero, apprentices Manufacturing of Products Machining and Automation Design and Integration of Mechatronic respectively, each presented a PLM integration project (Managing Product Life Cycle) to a productive project.
“My proposal is based on the panela production automation, to improve the quality and production of this product, using the PLM, with the aim of improving production through industrialization of the process and thus supporting the development of Panelero sector in Colombia, “Sotero said Andrés Durán Sepúlveda.
ENIM The internship in France, would consist of training in industrial production and application of PLM (Production Lifecycle Management) Bachelor level and allows SENA apprentices complement technical training in Colombia and alternative forms of learning and skills development and basic social skills to the world of work and professional training.
will be held from June 16 to 22 December 2010 National School of Engineers of Metz – ENIM in France, with a maximum quota of 24 SENA apprentices who subsequently qualified professionals and will play as SENA instructors on their return, and with the support of their instructors and trainees of the area, implement their projects and support the development of new proposals productive.
“My goal at the end of the internship is to PLM Integration to CNC machining, machining module using CATIA, with the acquisition of a post-processor for FANUC controls, applying this technology production to the new machines come to the Center Integral Industrial maintenance from China, which arrive in mid-August (about 20), “said Ricardo Andres Pabon Castro.
Metz School specializes in Mechanical Engineering, and has agreements with different companies in the sector as the multinational Renault, and training institutions in different countries, and in our country with SENA.
“We felt the continued support of our colleagues, friends and family during the selection process, and we all sorts of advice given by all teachers, equipment and welfare of the learner undertaking the Centre, to make us the ideal bearers of the Training Centre of the Regional and General Metz SENA ” said Ricardo Andres Pabon Castro.
We are currently certifying the lingua franca of the convention by SENA and Alliance Française, training that is offered as part of their preparation for their performance in ENIM, which are taught so custom.