Senin, 28 November 2011

Where do I find information About Automation?

One of the biggest advances in the field of automation in recent years was the change in the form of access to technical information. Until recently it was common to have large printed manuals for each computer that you wanted to handle. Imagine that a company typically handles three or four different brands of suppliers and within each brand a huge variety of products. This literally meant having a library in the workshop.

Then switched to digital format, taking one to purchase the manuals on CD for each team, or annual collections (eg. The Collection Manual Siemens). This was a breakthrough, saves space and most importantly allows you to search keywords in the text.
We currently have a myriad of technical information on the web, updated and available at any time. Not only manuals, we also find current news on certain products, specifications, firmware updates, and example programs. This great tool can become knowledge for those who are being initiated in a maze with no exit. Those who want to learn how to program a PLC running into an advanced manual can be daunting.
Here I leave some important links when searching for information:
CATALOGUES: download product catalogs SIEMENS
MANUALS: Manual SIEMENS products, always looking for more variety in English.
IMAGE BANK: A bank of images of SIEMENS products, useful in assembling the design or layout

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