Sabtu, 17 September 2011

Automating with Step7 – S7-300/400

Time for the greats of the SIMATIC family. The S7-300 and S7-400. These PLC are scheduled from a single interface with the same language and same procedures.

These families are integrated into the SIMATIC Manager, a true project manager who not only allows us to create programs but also interconnect equipment, manage HMI panels, SCADA systems, variable speed, field instruments, and all types of equipment used in industry. All this is due to the Siemens TIA concept (Totally Integrated Automation).

It’s much there is to learn about and SIMATIC Step7 Manager, so I leave here some links to free courses Siemens. They are downloaded to the PC and are in English only.
1) The SIMATIC Manager
2) Architecture SIMATIC S7
3) programming languages LAD, FBD and STL
4) Communication with SIMATIC S7
5) Display – HMI integration
6) Functions test and operation
7) The language S7-SCL high (similar to Pascal)
8) The graphic language S7-GRAPH

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