Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Automating with S7-200

The S7-200 PLC is the low end of the line SIMATIC. Still this team is usually seen in machines of all kinds, from simple sequences of contacts for control of lights, to large positioning control machines and input / output high response. A PLC which allows communications of all kinds: MODBUS Master / Slave, GSM communication to send and receive SMS, PROFIBUS DP (slave only), AS-Interface, Ethernet with web server / mail server / FTP, and how to Freeport create our own protocols or adapt it to non-standard protocols such as for receiving data from a barcode reader.

Here I post a link to free online course and system manual. I am about to open a new blog dedicated to this team to study individually each one of the possible applications.
Free online Course S7-200
Manual S7-200
Example programs TIPS & TRICKS

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