Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010


On Wednesday 19 May, has developed the primary group, which covered the following topics:
  • Educational assistance for those with children in Schedule A
  • Training in the Technopark, May 20 at 2 PM, for those who were chosen as jurors for the presidential elections next May 30.
  • On May 20, at 12 M, is the opening of the regional games will be launched TIS card, smart card of the Seine, which will serve to control the vocabulary of the trainees and to defend justice language. It seeks the cooperation of the instructors to assist all learners.
  • The importance of running a second language.
  • We remind the instructors the importance of cleanliness of the environment, and asked the collaboration of additional training apprentices as they have found the cans full of garbage.
  • Instructors must set an example to trainees coming off the training process, otherwise it shall be written reprimands.
  • Weaknesses in the assessment of the Centre.
  • Order the elements of training.
  • Using the Blackboard platform and support in the starting lineup.
  • To inform the trainees defected and conditioned.
  • It asked the instructors to hold periodic meetings with trainees to discuss issues other than academics, that is to support them from the standpoint of emotional and personal.
  • It is suggested that instructors start this year, the certification process in ICT management skills.
  • Never give bank account information on pages that are not of the institution concerned.
  • Report nonconformities of the last internal audit.
  • Not received additional training packages or events that are incomplete.
  • Taking into account the number of apprentices to register before the closing date in SOFIA.
  • Instructors must be alert to detect problems of drug use and prostitution in order to provide appropriate support to trainees.
  • Since the records are being created to study and digital certificates of additional training courses in SOFIA.
  • They are reminded to be pending instructor certification process this year.
As always, we hope the collaboration of all staff in the preceding paragraphs.

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